Supplemental Materials


             Children's Illustrated Literature

             In addition to being available through the library, many of over the over 700 titles listed
              for use with Little Saints are available for purchase in both hard cover and quality paper binding.
              See the Bookstore Shopping List for the the authors and ISBN numbers of some of the best
              editions available.






         Companion Poetry Volumes

              Favorite Poems Old and New selected by Helen Ferris - This is a vast,
              wonderful anthology of poetry accessible and loved by children all the way
              through high school. It contains some of the best classic works as well as newer
              poems, all of which are delightful and alive with meaning.
              598 pages, hardcover. Retail $24.95

           A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis
This edition is referenced by page number as are the other two
              volumes shown here. The poems from all three volumes
              are integrated into each thematic lesson. The wonder, excitement and
              innocence of childhood are conveyed so well in his poetry. These are ones
              to memorize. (unabridged) 96 pages, softcover. Retail $1.50

              Sing-Song by Christina Rossetti - In these poems, nursery
              rhyme-like in character, the purity and imagery of each childhood
              subject is lovingly portrayed in her uniquely appealing and rhythmical
              verse. Unaltered, unabridged. 130 pages, softcover. Retail $6.95

              Program Stickers and Storybooks

           Available are several sturdy book editions by Dover Publications of some of the fairy tales -
              true to the original - used in the program for some of the learning games.  
See the Bookstore
              Shopping List.

              Stickers - The following types of stickers are used in some of the art projects and learning
              games:  alphabet and numbers, farm, zoo and forest animals, frogs, nativity and Bible story
              stickers.  These stickers are readily available at department stores, Christian book stores,
              and educational supply stores.

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