Bookstore Shopping List

Here is a shopping list to use when purchasing the poetry volumes used with the program.  The list can
be printed and used to order these items by title or ISBN number through any major bookstore.  Many
of the major retail bookstores also offer discount programs. 

Many titles of the children's illustrated literature that are available at the library are also available for
purchase in both hardback and quality paper bound.  Following are just a few of the over 700 picture
books listed by theme for use with Little Saints.  These picture books are of the kind Charlotte Mason
would call "Living Books," books worthy of a much-loved place in the family's library:


   TITLE                                             AUTHOR                        ISBN #                                          
Favorite Poems Old and New                    Helen Ferris                            0385076967
    A Child's Garden of Verses                         Robert Louis Stevenson         0486273016    
    Sing-Song, A Nursery Rhyme Book            Christina Rossetti                  0486221075 



    TITLE                                            AUTHOR                        ISBN #
Give Us this Day                                         Tasha Tudor                            0698117689
    The Story of Ferdinand                               Munro Leaf                             0140502343
    Prairie Primer: A to Z                                 Carolyn Stutson                       0140565515
    Over in the Meadow                                     John Langstaff                         0156705001
    Ask Mr. Bear                                                 Marjorie Flack                        0020430906
    The Emperor and the Kite                           Jane Yolen                               0698116445
    Morning Has Broken                                    Eleanor Farjeon                      0802851320
    Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present              Charlotte Zolotow                    0064430200
    Every Autumn Comes the Bear                   Jim Arnosky                             0698114051
    The Little House                                           Virginia Burton                        039525938x

    All in the Woodland Early                           Jane Yolen                              1563976455
    Beady Bear                                                    Don Freeman                          0140501975
    Miss Rumphius                                              Barbara Cooney                     0140505393
    It Looked Like Spilt Milk                              Charles Shaw                         0064431592
    Johnny Appleseed                                          Reeve Lindburgh                   0316526347
    Thanksgiving at Our House                          Wendy Watson                      0395699444
    Barry, the Bravest St. Bernard                      Lynn Hall                               0679830545
    Crow Boy                                                        Taro Yashima                        014050172x
    The Fool of the World & the Flying Ship    Arthur Ransome                    0374424381
    The Clown of God                                          Tomie de Paola                      0156181924

    Choo-Choo                                                      Virginia Burton                     0395479428
    White Snow, Bright Snow                              Alvin Tresselt                       0688082947
    Dinner at the Panda Palace                           Stephanie Calmenson           0064434087
    My Visit to the Zoo                                         Aliki                                       006446217x
    Peter Spier's Rain                                           Peter Spier                            0440413478
    Big Sister, Little Sister                                   Charlotte Zolotow                 0440413478
    Beaver at Long Pond                                      William George                    0688175198
    Umbrella                                                          Taro Yashima                       0140502408
    Mr. Gumpy's Outing                                        John Burningham                0805013156
    Little Toot                                                        Hardie Gramatky                0698115767

    Song of the Swallows                                       Leo Politi                             0689711409
    The Lord is My Shepherd                                Tasha Tudor (illus.)             0698117557
    Gingerbread Boy                                              Scott Cook                           0679880895
    Happy Easter Day!                                           Wendy Watson                    0395772826
    The Butterfly Alphabet                                    Kjell Bloch Scandved          0439079470
    Planting a Rainbow                                         Lois Ehlert                           0152626107
    The Rose in My Garden                                   Arnold Lobel                        0688122655
    The Story About Ping                                      Marjorie Flack                     0140502416
    Sea Shapes                                                        Susie MacDonald                0152017003
    Parade                                                               Donald Crews                      0688065201


   Goldilocks and the Three Bears                     J. Sainsbury                         0486275035
     The Three Little Pigs                                      Valeri Gorbachev                0486286916
    Little Red Riding Hood                                    Sheilah Beckett                  0486291685 

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