Little Saints Preschool


    Little Saints is designed to be especially convenient and flexible to use while providing a very
    effective, beneficial and positive first introduction to the lifelong adventure of learning. The
    clearly laid out lessons in the 318-page manual include:

    Word of God - The child is given daily contact with Sacred Scripture as nothing is more
    powerfully instructive both spiritually and intellectually than the Word of God. Carefully selected
    passages are included that introduce the day's subject. Special interactive Bible stories, saint and
    feast day celebrations are also included throughout the program.

    Illustrated Literature - Over 700 selections of the most beautifully illustrated, outstanding,
     classic and current children's picture books available have been carefully selected for study on the
     basis of their wholesomeness, academic value and the quality of both illustrations and vocabulary.

    Interactive Learning Games - Designed to capitalize on the preschool child's most natural
     mode of learning, these activities develop foundational readiness skills through the child's hands-
     on experience and guided participation. Some of the many skills developed are:

            - foundational phonics with letter recognition, formation and sounds

            - beginning arithmetic skills and concepts such as counting, sorting,
              sizing and patterning

            - thinking, logic and listening skills

            - classification and problem solving skills

            - geography and history concepts

            - beginning science concepts

            - fine and gross motor skill development

            - role playing, narrating and communication skills

    Poetry - Educational experts including Charlotte Mason agree that a child should
     have the opportunity to hear at least one poem a day. The poems included in Little
     Saints not only illustrate the day's lesson further, but do so in a way that only the beautiful
     language of poetry can convey. The poems have been carefully selected from three of the
     best collections available for young children.

    Nursery Rhymes & Finger Plays - Also given within the theme for each lessons are the
     traditional nursery rhymes which teach rhyming skills so effortlessly. Delightful finger plays
     which involve the whole child in the learning process are also enjoyed.

    Songs and Circle Games - Included in the program and built into each lessons are the words and
     directions to twenty-three of the best-known and loved childhood songs and circle games.

    Educational Art Projects - 175 reproducible patterns and directions are given for high-quality
     art and craft projects which expand and further illustrate each lesson as well as give exposure to
     many types of artistic techniques such as: cutting & pasting, color & composition, printings &
     rubbings, textures and patterns, water colors & tempera painting.

                    "I am so glad to have found you! It never even occurred to me before I saw your program
                    that I actually could teach my preschoolers - that's a job for preschools, I thought. I am
                    slowly figuring out this 'mothering thing' and I welcome the creative, careful and
                    thoughtful work represented in this product."

                                                                                                                                     Mother of three, Texas

     In addition to stimulating intellectual growth, Little Saints also helps develop your child's love for
     and knowledge about the faith through solidly Catholic feast day celebrations, interactive Bible
     and saint stories, and Catholic art and craft projects which are all correlated within the weekly
     theme's activities.

                  "We love it! It has been instrumental in the formation of our son's faith . . . convincing us
                   that even four year olds are ready and willing to learn given a well paced and diverse
                   curriculum. We are grateful to have gotten off to such a good start academically and

                                                                                                                          Parents of two, South Carolina

    Also Included in the Program - Tips on fun, educational activities and materials for instructing
     preschoolers; recommended videos and resources; reading lists for parents on discipline,
     character formation, and education.









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